NJ's Top Rated Tree and Lawn
Care Service Since 1978

about us.

Welcome to TREE-TECH, Inc.


TREE-TECH, Inc. is a Tree Care Service Company in New Jersey that sets the standard of beauty, quality and professionalism in New Jersey for over 27 years. TREE-TECH provides a complete range of tree-related services including general pruning & shaping, tree removal, deep root fertilization for trees & plants & insect and disease control.

Over the years, the company has added a subsidiary company, LAWN-TECH with two divisions. The Turf Division provides a full range of turf management services including weed and insect control, fertilizing and core aeration & seeding.

Our Awesome Services

Here’s the Good Stuff. Some of our best work is featured below

We are glad to announce each service area project as part of the TREE-TECH family.
The most complete and trusted tree and lawn care services.

Tree Removal

TREE-TECH offers a perfect and clean tree cut service. And each job is performed to complete customer satisfaction.

Tree Pruning

TREE-TECH’s full service operation can handle any scope of project, big or small, or removal of decaying tree branches.

Tree Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization is the process where a nutrient solution of high quality and organic purity is injected into the root zones of a tree.

Insect and disease control

Deer ticks are the primary transmitters of Lyme disease, an inflammatory disease characterized at first by a rash.

Here’s the Good Stuff. Some of our best work is featured below

We are glad to announce each service area project as part of the TREE-TECH family . The most complete and trusted tree and lawn care services.

Our complete organic lawn care service NJ program will give you the spectacular results you only dream about. Your property is your most valuable asset, but improving it can often require more skills, time and energy than you are able to invest. 


Lawn maintenance

Do you know that your lawn requires more than just sprinklers and fertilizer? So, we offer off-the-shelf packages of lawn maintenance NJ.


TREE-TECH’s full service operation can handle any scope of project, big or small, from removing decaying trees to clearing of lots for building.


For over 27 years, serving New Jersey providing exceptional tree removal service NJ at TREE-TECHTREE-TECH’s

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